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Let's Party 21 7, 2:41am

Because ethanol is ethanol in any package.
During prohibition in USSR people managed to extract it from most surprising sources: shoe wax, phenolic glue, wood finishing compounds, brake fluid. Electronic engineers and medical personnel were among the best people to be friends with, since they had access to large amounts of 95% ethanol by necessity. Perfume was considered by some to be almost a soft drink. In post-Soviet Russia to avoid paying excise taxes some people just sold "window cleaning solution" which consisted of 95% ethanol (more or less pure), 5% water with some coloring agent, various tinctures sold at pharmacies became very popular.
German V-2 rocket used potato alcohol as fuel, heavy drinking was a problem at Peenemünde, I bet that same happened when V-2 derivatives were developed in USSR. Also, drinking literal rocket fuel is so metal.
Most of those who died drinking this did so either because of liver damage or when someone would cut non-drinking alcohol with methanol. Hence the joke that ends on "one more round, guys, and I'm going home - it's getting dark too soon today".

Abusing hand sanitizer is an amateur hour.