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Children, choose your character 6 8, 4:40am

Werll, if there's hope, it lies in Eastern Europe. They've recently come out from under the totalitarian rule of the Soviet Union, and before that, how many nations were conquered by empires? Do you really think they would fancy living under a caliphate? Poland especially is standing up to the EU and refusing to admit the quotas of invaders demanded of them. Hungary also built a small wall along it's southern border with Serbia, and it proved effective in stemming the flow of aliens . The Czech Republic has gun rights similar to Americans, and stand a better chance armed, and well, other nations in the region are opposed to it. Western Europe on the other hand, is rapidly approaching critical mass, where the only options would be either to submit and lose their unique heritage, culture, people, and language cultivated over hundreds,even thousands of years to a belligerent, barbaric peoples who interpret the tolerance and acceptance so graciously offered by the bountiful West as weakness, brute force the only way to truly stop them, or to wake up, refuse to be politically correct, and fight to retake your fatherland. You can't deny that the amounts of violent crimes, such as murder and rape has skyrocketed in countries that accepted copious amounts of migrants, or that once bustling, splendid cities are practically warzones that no indigenous European step foot in lest they lose their life. Even if you try to hide the truth, nothing stays lost on the internet forever. Which will you chose?
I don't care if I get banned for this or about how many people attack me for this or vote down on it, someone has to speak the truth.