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Children, choose your character 6 8, 4:13pm

@DarkMage7280 Careful not to shatter your spine with that self back-patting there, it'd be a shame if you were paralyzed. You also might want to have a talk with humon about how her European status has apparently been revoked since she also had Sister Sweden being called a whore in the very first comic she appeared in and has casually thrown around "whore" numerous other times in the comic as well - to the sound of, I presume, very little patronizing whining from your end.

But considering she's rather hard to get a hold of, you'd probably have better luck with getting off your "Ooohoohoo, look at the silly unenlightened non-European!" high horse and finding a better avenue to channel your inner smarmy prig other than tsking at strangers on the internet using tongue-in-cheek invocations of common, everyday, naughty words as if doing so reveals anything about their actual views on sexuality or society. There's not always going to be a convenient American around for you to nitpick and exaggerate every time you want to pretend you're exceptional, after all.