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Children, choose your character 7 8, 3:24am

@minimilk If you don't know the reason for the rape rates, I suggest you read the multiple -serious- accounts on that matter. At which point I would belive you have a credible explanation as to why the incredible difference in reported cases between 2005 and 2006. Or why the crime rate in general is pretty average for a European country.

As for the strawman that is Anders Borg's drunken outburst of whatever that was supposed to be. Rest assured that such things happen multiple times on a weekend basis in every country of the world where alcohol is ingested. That he is a high profile guy in Swedish society and not some random jack only means that the platform he stood on was located way higher up than random jack's and thus his fall will be heavier in the order of magnitude. These things can very well happen when you shave off your ponytail.

"Also where is respect for men?"

A topic not really relevant to any prior discussions as far as I can see. But rest assured it's there.