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Children, choose your character 7 8, 4:28pm

(I know there is no real point in doing that since you people don't usually listen, but I have time to kill...)

Are you serious, there ? "once bustling, splendid cities are practically warzones that no indigenous European step foot in lest they lose their life." That's the biggest crap I've ever heard. Come and see for yourself, instead of believing everything you read on the internet. Very few splendid cities have lost their splendour in Europe, and those that did did so because most of their splendour had been wiped out during WW2's bombings (sometimes by the Allies, actually). The only real dangers for your life in european cities are cars and buses (and usually, accident happen because of the pedestrian's lack of attention), just like in most US cities.
Now, this whole "invasion" business... Will you stop with that, one day, you fearmongers ? There is NO invasion. And you should be very careful when talking about invasions to Europeans, because you know what ? We know them slightly better than the US, a country that was never truly invaded. Except if you consider migrants as an invasion, but in that case, the USA are the most invaded country of all times ! Now, about the current migrant crisis, you should acknowledge that most of those migrants are war refugees, so neither economic migrants (the kind of migrants the US built itself with, by the way) nor terrorists. The quotas from the EU are a political issue deserving intelligent debating, but I favour them in the name of European Solidarity : we are 28 (for now) countries united together, and that's for better or worse.
Finally, something linked to the "invasion" idea, there's this whole business about political correctness and values. You say we should "refuse to be politically correct", but what you call "political correctness" is usually the truth, and actual PC is not as large and present as you might think (because saying the truth is not being PC). Now, about the whole "values" thing... According to you, we are loosing our values, our unique history, our languages, to a barbaric people. First : migrants are not "a people", and there are in fact many different cultures and peoples coming with immigration. There is no "united front" trying to invade our culture, because migrants form a mosaic of differences (even with religion). Second, when we "loose" our languages, it's usually english "invading" us (and yet, not that much in France), or Russian for the east, but certainly not Arabic. And nobody looses their languages, you know, and as a bilingual man, I assure you the world would be better if everybody could speak several languages, because it's incredibly useful for reflection. Third, we are not loosing our core values. Especially not in France where our LaÏcité stops any religious feeling of any kind to have too much influence in the public life. The last real event that had an impact on french values was something we call "May 68", in 1968, and that was the frenchiest thing you could imagine (and it started with french students). I'm not saying all the changes from May 68 have been good, but you can't have something more national than that. So, "indigenous" are the only one able to really change their core values, and the rest of our values are quite individual, and no immigrant could change that.