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Baby Daddy 1 9, 7:52pm

I wrote a lengthy post about this some time ago, that Scandinavia has in many respects historically been very liberal and progressive compared to most of the rest of the world.
We where forced to by our physical surroundings.

In a climate as harsh and unforgiving as Scandinavia was back then, every single life was precious for the collective to survive.
Disputes where settled by collective decision by the tribes, punishment meted out in fines, the death penalty or blood feuds almost unheard of.
The social cohesion of the tribe and the larger community was always paramount for survival.

There's a reason George RR Martin depicts the northerners in Games of Thrones like he does - honest, trustworthy, pragmatic - those are common historical northern traits he's describing.
Even if we didn't have White Walkers and undead roaming the land, winter is always coming every year and if you don't have your food stores and house in order when it does you will die.

People down south could waste precious resources on pointless fights amongst themselves - in the north we've always had to pull together to survive.