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Baby Daddy 2 9, 4:21am

@Permutator Actually, many adopted kids have identity issues and feelings of guilt and anxiety due to lack of connection to their biological parents.

Also, people don't 'choose' who to have a child with or whatever. It happens naturally, sexual selection, like comrade_Comrade Said. Who you mate with is caused by a combination of a matching genetic set, a strong immune system, healthy body and of course personality. If I asked you when the last time you 'choose' to fall in love with someone, would you really be able to answer that? The human mind is programmed by nature to like certain traits in other humans.

The circuit board aka our brain takes most of its shape during the early years of our lives when synapses form in order to process what we learn as children much better in adulthood.

This is also why humans are much better learners as children when synapses are still
making connections between neurons on a larger scale. Then comes the software which is our minds, our software runs best on our hardware of course.

If someone has a hardware (brain) that has been shaped for something completely different than your software then they will have a hard time processing your output of information.

That is also why every religious person believes that their religion is the "right one". Their synapses have made their connections, and your software won't work on their hard ware. Their hardware is only compatible with software that agrees with what they have been taught, its like when you have a resistor with to much ohm in a circuit board except that the electricity in my metaphor was supposed to represent the software in the human brain, which at first doesn't make much sense, but when you think about it you realize that when you, your synapses receive electrical signals and converts them into chemical signals which, now there are calcium ions (most of which have a positive charge) and a voltage in between the neurotransmitter and the receiver of the synapses, which is important because then the axon and the dendrite receive the chemical signal that was converted into an electrical signal which means that

Islam.exe runs on Muslim

Christianity.exe runs on Christian

Ramblingnonsense.exe runs on me right now. I know what I mean.

I've honestly forgotten what we were talking about. I'm really tired.


Maybe I just misunderstood what you were saying completely. Either way, this is very subjective and vary a lot depending on the situation and how old the child is when he/she is adopted. But it doesn't just stop for humans. Pets can also be loved and be considered part of the family. But then again, it's better to have non biological parents than no parents at all.

I'm too tired to keep going, have a good night.