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Baby Daddy 2 9, 5:16am


Ok, we get that you're the resident far-right troll on this site but please try to keep up with modern research.

There isn't some "left wing liberal" conspiracy to claim the Vikings where gay - that's your fevered imagination talking (or possibly one of the hate sites you're getting your world view from).

The Vikings have been misused as a propaganda tool by the far-right since the 19th century and them and their society have been ascribed all manner of characteristics that suited their political agenda.

What we see today is a more scholarly and historically correct description of actual Viking society - written by actual experts and not political propagandists out to use the Vikings to rewrite history in a way that suits them.

I'm sure it's not as exciting to you in the far-right, but then actual facts never are. That's why you guys cling to your "alternative facts" and your alternative world view.