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Baby Daddy 2 9, 5:58am

Okay, I get that you're the resident far left troll and a general misinformist here but please do try to be rational here.

"There isn't some "left wing liberal" conspiracy to claim the Vikings where gay - that's your fevered imagination talking (or possibly one of the hate sites you're getting your world view from)."
Your fevered imagination imagined I ever said such a thing. The whole populus doesnt have to be gay in order for gay pride marches to happen, and if you were a person with above child level reading comprehension you would've also realized that I said it as a humorous exaggeration in order to mock people like you, basically.

Also I do not get any of my world view from any hate site, lmao.

"[Insert quote of the rest of your blablabla]"
-It's only natural that nationalistic people would use their heritage and their national symbolism.
-What a funny thing to say coming from a political propagandist like yourself. The irony is strong. As is the denial of the fact that your kind twistes these things in their own favor just as much as neo-nazis do.
-I'm not far right and unlike some hive minded ideologues like yourself, my worldview is actually driven by actual facts and no twisting of them to suit a political agenda.
No "far righter" adheres to any "alternative facts", just actual facts.