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Baby Daddy 2 9, 6:06am


Thank you for offering a source for your claim - not very common online, unfortunately.

While I haven't read the book in question I did some search online and found Jochens seems to be a credible academic.
However, an article I did find reviewing her writings seem to directly contradict what you wrote here.
That article can be found here:

It's not as detailed as your description, but especially this section sounds to counter what you say:

"Although there were some laws restricting sexual promiscuity and harshly punishing the practice of incest and bigamy, the old traditions did persist for a long period of time, even during the process of conversion of these populations to Christianity."

The crux seems to be what you define as "Old Norse society".
Are you talking about pre-Christianity or post - because Humon is clearly referencing pre-Christianity in her comic as I understand her while the Vikings of course straddle the introduction of Christianity.
So you and Jochens, it seems to me, may very well be talking about a society based on the later and foreign influence of Christianity, while Humon description might be true for the earlier pagan society?