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Baby Daddy 2 9, 6:34am


"and if you were a person with above child level reading comprehension you would've also realized that I said it as a humorous exaggeration in order to mock people like you, basically"

Right back at you. Guess your reading comprehension isn't that strong then, hua?

Nationalistic people = far-right. There is NO other people then the far-righters who call themselves "nationalistic" - it's just a code word for "I hate dark skinned people (and possibly Jews)".
So yes - you're most definitely far-right, even if you of course deny it.
Your choice to describe academics doing serious research into ancient Nordic history as "left wing liberal" just because they don't present history as you want it to be just proves that point.

""Alternative facts" is literally a quote from far left ideologues, again like yourself, and no "far righter" adheres to any alternative facts, just actual facts."

No numbskull - "alternative facts" is a quote from one of Donald Trumps lying henchmen who tried to defend the Trumpsters bogus claim about the crowd size at his presidential inauguration being bigger then the crowd size at Obamas inauguration.
It was big news a few months ago. In the real world at least - maybe not so much on the sites you read, though.

And congratulation on doing the full Trump and defending Nazis - by claiming that "no "far righter" adheres to any alternative facts, just actual facts" you've just claimed that the Holocaust didn't happen.
Because there are a lot of far-righers who will happily claim that the Holocaust didn't happen - and you just claimed that no one in the far-right aheres to anything but actual facts.

So my question to you is - do you even accept that the Holocaust is an historical fact - or do you claim that's just another lie invented by the "left wing liberals" you see everywhere?