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Baby Daddy 2 9, 7:22am


Yes really. Don't be sad you didn't get it - irony is hard for some people.

"That's just incorrect, unless you want to specifically define "far right" as nationalistic. In which case it's just intellectually dishonest as there are plenty of nationalistic people who adhere to leftist policies."

No, it's not incorrect.
People confuse nationalistic with patriotic all the time - best case scenario you're one of them and don't know what you're talking about.
Worst case scenario you do know what you talk about and is nationalistic = far right.

Now go read up on the difference between nationalistic and patriotic - you can start here:

And leftists are definitely not nationalistic as a core tenant of socialism is internationalism.
Socialism is about class - not nationhood. As Marx famously wrote: "Workers of all nations - unite!"

"Kek what is this mental retardation you're spewing? I'm not saying that no "far righter" is ever wrong, I was merely saying that no "far righter" nationalist refers to facts as "alternative facts"."

Well, we've pretty well established that my reading comprehension is better then your writing skills then - haven't we?
Because what you DID write was that "No "far righter" adheres to any "alternative facts", just actual facts."
Which actually means that you claimed that no one in the far right ever uses anything but actual facts.

It does NOT mean what you now claim that you meant - that they don't use the term "alternative facts".

Now you might not understand what you actually wrote - but that still doesn't change the meaning of what you actually wrote - and you don't get to claim that a clearly written sentence means something completely different then what it actually says.
Your intentions are irrelevant - it's what you actually wrote that matters.

So just to be clear I'd still like you to answer the question I posed:

Do you believe the Holocaust to be a historical fact - yes or no?