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Baby Daddy 2 9, 7:58am


Once again, you're wrong.
Socialism is the umbrella ideology for all political movements on the left. They may define themselves as anything from social democratic to communist but they are all socialist in as much that they all trace their roots back to the writings of Karl Marx.

You really need to read up on these things.

And once again no - you can't be nationalistic and a socialist at the same time.
I guess you didn't even read the link I posted or didn't understand the difference between nationalistic and patriotic.

"But I guess everyone right of marx isn't even leftist to you no?"

My guess is you mean liberalism and no - that's not a leftist ideology - it's a centrist ideology.
But people belonging to the far-right usually claims everything to the left of the far-right to be leftist, so I guess that's how you see the world - being on the far-right.

"Why yes I do think several jews lost their lifes in the holo, as well as gypsies, poles and probably homos."

Spoken like a true far-righter feeling forced to say the right thing.
"Several Jews lost their life" my ass - millions where systematically murdered is the truth.