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Baby Daddy 2 9, 9:21am


Thank you for your kind comment! :-)

In all fairness I think @Bohemond deserves the most praise here as he actually brought the fresh perspective to light.

@comrade_Comrade has been bitching at everything I write since a discussion between us about the Winter War ended with him claiming that we should trust Josef Stalins claim that he never intended to conquer all of Finland - which of course is an absurd statement that's rejected by every reputable historian in the world - but I guess he didn't like me telling him so... ;-)

Anyway, in this instance his comment is actually useful as he provided a link to the actual book in question.

Now all he cites from page 83 is about cases where the mother was unmarried - which is not at all what the comic is about.

In cases of a married women - which is what the comic is actually about - the book is more succinct as the procedure seems to have been much more straight forward:

Page 82:

"Most husbands accepted all children produced by their wives, although gossip might indicate otherwise."

I.E. it would seem that Humons comic is quite right.