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Baby Daddy 2 9, 9:35am

Something that needs remembered: Adoption isn't a new thing, and if you had the chance to adopt a strong and capable individual into your household, it was often a boon for the house as a whole in most societies. Many times adopted sons were considered equal to blood sons, societies that opposed bastards often traced it back to complex political issues, or even inheritance laws. In fact in rome and even early roman Christianity sometimes there seems to be a general rule that it's only bad if a child is born from the union, since that generally complicated legal issues. This is part of the reason why you often saw so many married individual who embraced same sex lovers-marriage was for legal inheritance while your sexuality was more for either pleasure or love.

This naturally evolved over the centuries into the more complex mess we have these days, but back then it was a different beast entirely that changed with each society. Placing absolute reliance on blood was a much more recent thing, since even societies that did place a major thing on it often were ok with talent grabbing whenever they had the chance. That said, even in societies with less than caring things about marriage fidelity, I wouldn't hold my hopes up for the life of an incompetent child born from another man. Generally you would only embrace and adopt capable people-so if you lack both that and blood relation, then unless your biodad and father are good friends I wouldn't hold much hope for first dibs at dinner.