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Baby Daddy 2 9, 9:47am

@Hawkwing @Nisse_Hult

Also on page 83:
"the father (or his relatives) of an illegitimate child was responsible for his maintenance until age sixteen, although the law sought to protect paternal and maternal relatives against the reproductive excesses of a sexually active young man by making them responsible for supporting only the first two of his illegitimate offspring"

But ok, maybe it only counts if he had an unmarried woman.

Page 85:
"In pagan society all fathers had the right to refuse the infants presented to them by their wives or mistresses. Although a wife might stand a better chance of having her child approved than would a mistress, considerations of the child's sex, health, looks, the number and composition of father's present offspring, and even his feelings toward the mother could influence his decision. If rejected, the child was exposed out of doors, a fate calculated to be fatal..."


Yeah, Christianity was so much worse.