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Baby Daddy 2 9, 3:30pm

@Bohemond Well that really depended on the father/mother. If it was a workwoman or just a house karl then yes, their baby would very likely be born out. If it was the child of a chief/chiefest, you know the people who actually got to go out and raid for some real money? Then the baby would very likely be kept on, since more sons or daughters meant more likely hood of some actually surviving.
About the infidelity, well that really depended on the man. If he loved his wife then there was a big chance that he wouldn't mention it, even if he would be annoyed by it. Another thing that could happen is that yes he would accept the child as his own, this happened mostly if they had been trying for a child without success and he was looking at the end of his legacy.
If the father did not however accept the child and felt slighted he might well break up with his wife, but not kill her child. Because chiefs mostly married daughters of other chiefs and killing someones grandchild could start a huge blood-feud that might last generations.