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Baby Daddy 2 9, 6:21pm

@comrade_Comrade Dogs and devolution.
To be honest, they don't seem to be the only species suffering from that (there was a challenge/trend in America where people were deliberately setting themselves on fire). But the dogs are a great example of what happens when mates with non matching genetic setups have a child together.

Caused by humans of course. As it said "the traits that we "love" about some breeds are being enhanced simply for aesthetic pleasure - and that this enhancement might be causing these breeds serious defects and medical health issues".

Humans made this happen kinda how we just made a tiger and a lion mate and we got the liger.

And ligers are ******* huge


As you can see, humans successfully created the largest cat animal in the world. The hybrid can't have any children tho so it doesn't qualify as it's own species.