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Baby Daddy 2 9, 11:19pm

@Nisse_Hult @Hawkwing "The crux seems to be what you define as "Old Norse society".
Are you talking about pre-Christianity or post - because Humon is clearly referencing pre-Christianity in her comic as I understand her while the Vikings of course straddle the introduction of Christianity.
So you and Jochens, it seems to me, may very well be talking about a society based on the later and foreign influence of Christianity, while Humon description might be true for the earlier pagan society? "

"Humons comic is about a married Viking that just like most other married Vikings apparently accepted all children produced by their wives."

Note that "most" doesn't mean "all", and previous quotes show that for unmarried man probability of accepting a child was even lower, while rate of illegitimacy was high even under paganism.

And then it turns out that Christianity actually prohibited the practice of infanticide.

Nisse is so autistic that he can't comprehend the whole argument, only google searches an opinion on specific statement.