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Baby Daddy 3 9, 12:45am


"Note that "most" doesn't mean "all", and previous quotes show that for unmarried man probability of accepting a child was even lower, while rate of illegitimacy was high even under paganism."

Note that Humons comic never claimed to speak about absolutely ALL married Viking men ever - like you're pretending now.
Also, unmarried men once again isn't even an issue here - no matter how desperately you try to claim otherwise.

And further the issue of Christianity vs. paganism was something I raised with Bohemond but it's interesting to see that you're trying to talk about that now, when your last post fell flat on it's face.

The practice of infanticide have, as I've written elsewhere, been practiced by every single culture throughout history when dealing with crippled children and is a complete non-issue here.
The point isn't that the Vikings - like all other cultures throughout history - used infanticide to deal with children born crippled or deformed in some way - the point is that they where surprising liberal when it came to dealing with healthy babies born as a result of infidelity.

So yet again, what you write about have no bearing what so ever on the actual comic.
It's just you desperately adding up non related arguments in an attempt to distract from the fact that you were just proven wrong by the link you yourself provided.

And lastly of course - please all note that only a complete asshole of a person uses "autistic" as an insult.
Now @comrade_Comrade will probably run and hide between the predictable excuse that he didn't meant it to be an insult - but we all know it was.
Assholes today always does this - spew their contempt and disrespect for anyone else and then run and hide when they are called out for it, complaining about "political correctness".

But there is nothing "political" about not using "autistic" as a slur - it's just decent and correct.
Which decent people know, but assholes like @comrade_Comrade ignores.

And before he tries pulling that one - no, calling @comrade_Comrade an asshole isn't an insult since he actually is one metaphorically.
If anything it's an insult to actual assholes. They at least have a purpose in life, while he's just an angry little loser bitching online, wasting valuable oxygen.