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Baby Daddy 3 9, 2:48am


"It's interesting how you've actually didn't understand my reply."

Your reply wasn't a reply at all. You just kept stacking arguments that has nothing to do with the comic in a desperate attempt to divert attention from the fact that your original argument was completely wrong.
You can't present a coherent argument so you're just throwing anything out there in the hope that no one notices that what you say have no relevance to the question.

You're just grasping at straws at this point and it shows.

"By now it should be obvious that it was an accurate description, not an insult.
Making a wall of text reply to a single line of comment made more than a week before is something very indicative of being on the spectrum. Fact that said wall of text contained nothing more than "REEEEEEEEEE" doesn't help your case either. "

No, it's obvious you use "autistic" as an insult - it's not the first time you've done so either.
But the funny thing is that many actual autists are way, way smarter then you'll ever be.

Talking vaguely about a comment "made more then a week ago" doesn't even make sense as this comic was posted just yesterday.
You'll probably claim you meant something else but if you can't express what you actually mean without people being forced to guess what you mean, it just mean you're crap at communicating.

If you're talking about your assertion that we should all trust Josef Stalins word I understand you'd want everyone to forget about that - but I won't.

I'm sure it's really annoying for you when people remember the crap you've been spewing - bullshiters never like to be reminded of the bullshit they've said before.
But again - that's on you.

Stop spewing bullshit and you won't have to be reminded of the things you've said that now embarrasses you.

And the last sentence makes even less sense.

"Fact that said wall of text contained nothing more than "REEEEEEEEEE" doesn't help your case either."

What are you even trying to say - you're basically just talking to yourself at this point as no one can understand what you mean. It's just sad really.