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Baby Daddy 4 9, 9:17am

Nationalism is about your people and national identity based on ethnicity and culture and usually the will to preserve those things. Doesn't require pride to the actions of your country, or its governing body.

Socialists often have a problem with one thing about that, the fact that nationalists want to preserve their national identity, culture and ethnicity. This doesn't go well with their plans to open all borders and get rid of national identities via mass immigration into European nations, so they conflate the terms nationalism and patriotism (patriotism means love/pride towards your country without concerning preserving national identity like nationalism does) and claim that nationalism is somehow a more evul one of those, and offer patriotism as an acceptable way to love your country. Then they claim to be patriotic themselves while supporting things that are detrimental to the country, like mass immigration from third world shitholes.