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Baby Daddy 5 9, 9:40pm


That article is the canard that "patriotism means loving your country, nationalism means hating all other countries". That's just a lie.

Nationalism is an ideology that says that the world's legal and political borders should reflect the sociocultural differences of mankind, embodied in the concept of the nation-state. No, these aren't two words that mean the same thing, nation and State, a nation is a group of people bound by a common history, culture, language, who have a desire to live together and that create a political entity, a State is a legal entity that has sovereignty over a given territory.

A nationalist is thus one who believes that each nation should have its own State, within the limits of the reasonable, so that they can govern itself how it sees fit, according to the nation's values and social norms. And that the State should promote that nation's culture and identity to form a more harmonious and homogeneous society. Nationalism emerged in the 18th and 19th century at the same time as modern democracy, and the two concepts are strongly linked. Democracy says that the people governed by a State should be the ones with the power to control the State, but it's vague on how to determine borders. Nationalism provides a basis for coherent, stable borders, and also shares the idea that the State should be controlled by the people, the two ideas are thus strongly complementary.

Nationalism is opposed to multiculturalism, which is a doctrine that says that not only many cultures can coexist in the same State, but that cultural diversity must be encouraged over the formation of a strong national identity and culture, and which denies nations the right to self-determination, favoring instead ever greater State entities that encompass large areas. In Europe, making the EU a more powerful State (federalism) is a multiculturalist project, whereas nationalists oppose the granting of more power to the EU in order to preserve their nation's sovereignty (the Europe of nations proposal).

Patriotism is just the feeling of attachment to one's State/country. A nationalist can be a patriot, a patriot can be a nationalist, but a nationalist of a nation that doesn't have its own State may not be a patriot towards the current State he live in, and someone can be patriotic towards a multinational, multicultural kingdom without being a nationalist.

For example, I'm a Québec nationalist, I have no patriotic love for Canada, but some Québec nationalists do feel an attachment and pride for Canada, and Canadian multiculturalists (like current PM Trudeau) who oppose nationalism often demonstrate great patriotic love for Canada.

Also, nationalist movements in the world often collaborate with one another, putting the lie that nationalism is about hating everybody else in the ground for good. Québec, Scottish and Catalan nationalist movements often collaborate with one another and support another, morally if not in more direct ways.