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Baby Daddy 6 9, 1:50am

@Finnik Well then. My apologies. I never thought that Finn123 was wrong regarding the love and protection of his country.

Finland belongs to the Finnlanders and it should always belong to the Finnlanders.

Being proud of your country is perfectly fine,
as long as the love for your own country doesn't evolve into hate for other countries.

But as far as the word "nationalist" goes, I'd say that Nisse_Hult was right when he mentioned that many racists and supremacists use the word "nationalist" as some sort of cloaking device to hide the fact that they're bigoted assholes. (Not the original quote but I think that's what he was trying to indicate. Which might also have lead to some confusion regarding the definition of "nationalist" and "nationalism") and he's not wrong. Many 'actual' racists do switch out the label racist and replace it with nationalist in order to be more accepted by society.

None of that changes the fact that I would prefer Finland to be Finnish tho. Finns have many things to be proud of and it would be a shame if they lost their badassness and pride because they were told that they would be racist otherwise.


I hope everything is cleared up now. Because this is starting to get silly.