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Baby Daddy 16 9, 6:16pm


"No the nazi's were both nationalists and socialists, the two are not mutually exclusive.
You deny the dictionary definition of nationalism and replace it with your own preferred definition?
As you did with "right-wing" "leftist" "nazi" and every other word you'd used to argue.
You're building straw-men and keep insisting that other people acknowledge that you know their thoughts and opinions better then them self, all the while showing a complete ignorance of politics, history and the definition of words."

No they were not, as I wrote in Swedish above and as every reputable historian will tell you - Hitler used the term "socialist" in the party name only in an attempt to attract voters.
Just like Trump promised any- and everything to the US voters before the election. Because that's what populists do.

Far from denying the dictionary definition of any word I have repeatedly linked to those very definitions, while people like you have repeatedly denied those very definitions and without any proof what so ever instead tried to present completely different definitions and claimed that those are correct.
But as I said, the crucial point here is that you can never prove any of this - you just repeat the same empty claims over and over in the belief that that is somehow proof.
I'm sure YOU believe what you say is true - but there is simply nothing to support your claim.

You get to live believing in any lie you want - but you don't get to claim that the lies you believe in are true just because you believe in them. For that you need to produce actual proof from reputable sources.

It's the same problem that far-right rhetoric has always had from the Nazis to today's Trump - they just repeat the same lies over and over, without ever being able to prove anything, and instead accuse everybody who question them of lying.
A minority of any people will fall for that for a range of different reasons, but fortunately the majority of people have so far at least always been smarter then to fall for it.

So let's do this again then:

Nationalism is:

Socialism is:

National socialism is:

and Wikipedia redirects "National Socialism" to "Nazism":

Now the definition you cited above (but didn't produce a source for) doesn't in any way prove that National Socialism was socialist. It states the Nazis CALLED themselves that - a fact not disputed by anyone.

But if you claim that anyone calling themselves anything is proof that they actually are, then you have to prove to me that the old East German state was actually a democracy, as that was actually in it's name.
Or to take a current example - prove that North Korea (which is officially named the DPRK or "Democratic People's Republic of Korea") is actually a democracy.
Good luck with that.