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Only one person has been killed by the police in Iceland eve 21 9, 11:52pm

@InDeathWeReturn Sorry for responding to an old comment but eh.. Five in seven-hundred-and sixty-five-thousand is a lot? Let's see

5/765 000 ~ 0,0000065

0,0000065% is a lot, really? I'd say 5% is a lot.
Five would be a lot if there were only a hundred cops in the country. There are without a doubt more corrupt cops in America than five, but there's way more criminals than evil police officers.

And the thugs should know by now that if they don't like being chased down and beaten up by police, then they shouldn't commit crime. Not committing crime decreases the risk of being apprehended, I admit that I don't know how much the decrease is but I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that abstaining thyself from criminal activity lessens the probability of getting beaten up by other criminals and cops, quite a lot. And if they do commit crimes, then don't resist arrest and you'll avoid getting into more trouble.

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