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Child-like joy 30 9, 6:00am

'@MagicRooster' original 3310 was built like a tank - very thick PCB, massive plastic enclosure, no wimpy ribbon cables, and I think it was made back when it wasn't required to use leadless solder. For all but extreme (for a phone, of course) forces it's as good as solid plastic brick. Doesn't have any protection from water or dust ingress, proper "mil spec" phones will always have advantage of being dust- and water-resistant.

New 3310 is less solidly built (well, at least it won't bend like iPhone 6), and it's specs are way more limited compared to current generation of phones, while original was close to full feature set for it's time. It just looks like it's only place in current market is a throwaway cheap phone, for which any durability wouldn't be an advantage. In that case it competes used phones that are sold at similar price, but have better specs.