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Child-like joy 30 9, 8:54am


There is Alf Prøysen, though he might not be famous all over the world. There is however also Jo Nesbø who has been translated into over 40 languages and sold more than 3 million books in Norway alone. While he is most famous for crime and thriller novels, he is technically a children's book writer as well, as he has written children's books.

There is also Kjell Aukrust, while his books are mostly famous in Norway, his characters became famous because of a movie, "Flåklypa Grand Prix", or in English "The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix". The movie might be famous, and his characters might be recognizable, but I doubt his name is though, so...

If not, we shall borrow Roald Dahl. While he was born in Britain and as such is technically British, both his parents were Norwegian and he even spoke Norwegian as his first language, that is when at home with his parents. So while born a Brit, and even fighting in the RAF for the Brits during WW2, well, by most Norwegians he is more or less regarded as a Norwegian. He is so Norwegian, even his name being Norwegian, that he must qualify, surely?