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Child-like joy 2 10, 1:18am

"Moomin is probably the most known and adored Finnish icon, if not before, then right after Santa Claus."

"The white, hippo-like Moomins are Finnish literature characters created by the much‐loved Swedish‐speaking Finn, writer and artist Tove Jansson in the 1940’s. After the initial success of the comic strips and books, Moomins grew into a world-wide phenomenon through puppet animations and Japanese-style cartoons. Today the Moomins adorn the wings of Finnair (The Official Airline of Moomins), the iconic mugs of Arabia and high-quality bedding of Finlayson, to name a few."

"The Moomins are not only adventuring in literature, animation, and merchandise or in films, music and theatre shows. In Finland, the Moomins have their own hotel rooms like the Naantali Spa Moomin Story and theme parks such as The Moomin World in Naantali. They also have their own Moomin Museum in Tampere and numerous gallery and museum exhibitions around the country every "