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The GDP of London is significantly larger than that of sever 7 10, 3:07pm

@Nisse_Hult to quote Clinton's Presidential Campaign: "it's the economy stupid"

in several years the UK economy, which is not that big to begin with, will shrink as more companies either wait and see what will happen, just not expand or just not fully Utilise the UK market.

as the economy becomes uncertain money becomes tighter and so the economy doesn't have as much money flowing through it as it should. again shrinking the economy.

The UK's Credit rating is down to AA rather than AAA, small but still a big impact in getting foreign financing.

Also with freedom of movement up in the air. many companies can not bring in foreign workers, from low skill to specialists it would be hard to gain workers for the economy. Also Tourism would also face a shortfall as anyone who tried to get a Visa knows how much of an arse ache it is to get a Visa so the usual Brits on holiday would certainly impact not just the UK economy but Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and several other nations. Granted other nations like France and Germany may fill the void but it's hard to say...

So with the economy stagnating or shrinking... people are gonna get pissed as they are not getting enough cash! It's gonna be fun!