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The GDP of London is significantly larger than that of sever 7 10, 11:16pm


So you think Brexit will be bad for London and thus Britain, you're British yourself - but you still seem to think this is fun?

So your comment is gallows humor then?

Also, regarding the drop in credit rating - the worst consequences of a drop in those isn't actually that it'll be harder to secure future foreign financing.
The problem is that the interest on the national debt already incurred will go up, meaning that years of austerity will be a total waste as the debt increases more then you've payed off.

If Britain then decides - as some of the extreme Brexiter's want - to renege on it's promises on spending to joint EU projects, the credit rating will plummet as credit agencies and the world realizes that Britain no longer intends to honor her debts.
As that's what the credit rating is for in the first place - rating how trustworthy a nation is on repaying it's debts.