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Halloween appropriation 8 10, 3:46am

@comrade_Comrade The Disney Song "What Makes the Red Man Red" from Peter Pan.

When people profit from stereotypes proven to harm and dehumanize a culture - that is what I would call appropriation.
Things like this trivialize the violence and genocide the Native Indigenous Americans have had to face. The creators did not get credit for the fashion headdresses that are making the hipster scenes at music festivals. That hurts them. And this prioritized the feelings and profit of the white-owned Disney company over any of the native americans that they stole the look from.

That is one example. I can think of others.

\When Ms. Natalie Winter made a Wikitongues video on how to speak gypsy, several Romani complained. She was neither Romani, nor was speaking the language well. She took to public media to say that the ones complaining against her didn't 'look' Romani, and therefore their complaints weren't valid. Fortunately, Wikitongues did take her video down as appropriation, but that damage is done.

If we take a piece of culture not our own, and then use that sliver to define a whole people, that causes harm.