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Halloween appropriation 8 10, 8:00pm


I was going to ignore you racist rant this time, but I now see that was a mistake as you're attracting young impressionable people with your hateful filth.

So here goes:

European culture doesn't need any protecting from "middle eastern migrants" - they have a minute influence on any culture here.
If you where in any way objective, you instead would be railing against US influence in that case as Europe is way, way, WAY more influenced by US culture.
But since you're a racist your real problem isn't actually cultural influences - that's only an excuse for hating on certain groups of immigrants.

Also, your "argument" is completely nonsensical as any kebab restaurants in Finland is only there because people want them there.
If they didn't have willing customers they couldn't exist - so apparently most finns enjoy this foreign influence in their cuisine then - if there are really "more kebab restaurants than non-kebab restaurants" in Finland - like you claim.

You're free to eat whatever you like - just as anyone else - but I don't think you'll be winning any arguments with most finns if you want to force them to eat what YOU think they SHOULD eat - just to satisfy your racist beliefs.