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Halloween appropriation 8 10, 8:24pm


You shouldn't be listening to racists like Finn123 - he's just spouting stupid propaganda.

Finland - or Sweden for that matter - isn't actually changing "with Middle eastern and African influence" like you claim - that's simply not true at all.

Some small cultural influences do come with immigrants - that's always the case, yes.
But those changes are only ever the ones ACCEPTED by the majority culture - like food or music or some words maybe.
It's never ever a case that a minority culture can FORCE anything on a majority culture.
So obviously anything that the majority culture perceive as negative - like female genital mutilation - will never ever be accepted by the majority culture.

Instead what happens is that immigrants are absorbed into the majority population and culture within one or two generations.
They may retain some small facets from their original culture like names and cultural celebrations - but to a very large extent they'll become very much like everyone else.

For an example of that just look at the refugees from the former Yugoslavia that came to Sweden during the wars there in the 90's.

Back then SD hated against these people and said they'd destroy Sweden and would never be able to assimilate here.
Now SD don't want to talk about them at all, as these people are doing splendidly.
Those who came then and their children (like Zlatan) have the same education level as other swedes and they even have a slightly higher employment rate.
And can you tell me how in any way Swedish culture was negatively influenced by these people?
Did we stop eating meatballs or celebrate Christmas just because those immigrants came? No, of course we didn't.

The only influence I can think of is that you can now find Ćevapčići in both restaurants and in the frozen food section in your local super market. No one forces you to eat it, but it's there if you want it.
And only stupid racists like Finn123 can have a problem with that, frankly.