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Halloween appropriation 8 10, 8:41pm

@Mosaea i'm dutch and if you think cultural appropriation is a real problem then i suggest you stop celebrating christmass emediatly as it is a bastardized and commercialized version of our holiday called sinterklaas (thats where santa claus comes from) he goes around the world to bring children gifts,he rides his horse across the rooftops and sends his black petes down the chimneys to open the door for him.

ofcourse we dutchies dont bitch about cultural appropriation at you americans and your santa claus who you blatantly ripped off from us because people should just be allowed to have fun with their holidays, you aint hurting nobody (not even us whos holiday you ripped off)

it doesnt end there tho, i gues you better stop celebrating the bastardized version of easter where the easter bunny comes and hides eggs, thats just the protestant bastardization of the catholic holiday where the easter bells fly from rome and drop eggs (seriously stop stealing my culture, you are such an oppressor... what a joke, it would just be me looking for things that can give me oppression/victim points)

ofcourse both these holidays were originaly stolen from by the christians from the pagans anyway so i gues anyone who would bitch would be a hypocrite anyways