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In every country that's tried such tests it's easy to find native citizens who fail the same test - so where should they be deported then?

That's not to say that you shouldn't introduce immigrants to the culture, history and language of the country they come to - of course you should, and that's already done in every western nation.

But setting up a make or break test with specific question you think everyone should know will always be highly subjective and a bad way to differentiate who should and who shouldn't be able to stay in a country.

They're also often in practice used just to exclude people, by making the questions both very difficult and also irrelevant.

In Denmark, who has one of these tests, the questions have been things like:

"In 1933 the government and the old political parties entered into an agreement to secure the economic and social regulations in Denmark. What was that agreement called?"

"What is the story of the Danish ballet La Sylphide?"

"The Olsen Band is a popular Danish series of movies - what year was the first of them released?"

2/3 of applicants taking the test fails - including many native Danes who take the test just for fun.

One of the actors from the movie series "The Olsen Band" has even stated that he himself doesn't even remember what year the first film was released.

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