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Halloween appropriation 8 10, 9:13pm

thats complete bullcrap, usa culture is like 90% the same as european culture, this is ofcourse because usa culture is spawned from european culture (europeans went over there and turned it into todays usa) the idea that we would need protection from being influenced by a spin off from our own culture is completely ridiculous.

now i dont know where you live but i live in a pretty crappy town with a very high middle eastern/northern african immigrant population, crime is fairly high here compared to the low immigration area i grew up in. i have friends whove had to pull their kids out of public school and send them to a catholic school because their daughter was one of 3 non muslim kids in a 20+kids class. they arent racist by any stretch but didnt want their kid to grow up in a muslim dominant culture which is what public schools in this area are

as to your kebab thing, this is funnily something i recently talked about with a friend, kebab stores are in this town(and many towns all around here rly) killing food diversity. while it is true that kebabs are pretty popular and when im drunk im sure glad we have them it is getting to a point of insanity, every year about 2-3 new ones pop up in this town alone, but there isnt enough buisness for all these kebab stores so every year 2-3 have to close their doors aswell, we have so many kebab places that they put each other out of buisness, but if that was the only issue it would be fine, its not tho, you see because they have so much competition they all do other stuff aswell, they make cheap pizza's (cheaper then the italian pizzeria's) they make cheap french fries (cheaper then the local french frie places) and so on. now this a fairly poor area where the for example more expensive italian pizzeria can no longer compete with the shitty cheap kebab place that now also serves pizzas and other italian foods. diversity is long gone cause all we have left is kebab places and chinese restaurants (woe the day the arabs get their hands on a ricecooker)

ofcourse you can say (and this is true) that this was the peoples choice, the poor people bought the cheap pizzas over the more expensive authentic italian ones, the market has chosen. but that doesnt change the fact that the kebab places did kill off the diversity of food vendors in this poor area. im totaly happy kebab is a menu option, i just wish it wasnt quickly becomming one of the only options around here.