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Halloween appropriation 8 10, 9:34pm

"You shouldn't be listening to racists like Finn123 - he's just spouting stupid propaganda."
Nice accusations coming from someone whose only purpose here is to argue about politics.

"Finland - or Sweden for that matter - isn't actually changing "with Middle eastern and African influence" like you claim - that's simply not true at all."
"For an example of that just look at the refugees from the former Yugoslavia that came to Sweden during the wars there in the 90's."
The amount of african and arab migrants in Sweden is already multiple times larger than the amount of yugoslavians ever was, and the flow of african and arab migrants to Europe in general isn't stopping as far as we can see it now. Unlike yugoslavians, a major share of the third world migrants to Sweden are driven there by promises of wealth, not war.

"But those changes are only ever the ones ACCEPTED by the majority culture"
This only holds true if the minorities stay minorities. When Swedes aren't a majority anymore in their own areas, there is no "majority" culture or the majority culture will be a collective middle eastern culture. Though of course, that doesn't concern you.

PS: I'm also not saying this will happen in all of Sweden, just the most heavily affected areas.