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Halloween appropriation 8 10, 10:06pm


No, it's not.
There is no such thing as a singular "European culture" - as the topic of this comic clearly shows.

Halloween might have originated in Ireland (and as I've written elsewhere on that, possibly also further back from other influences), but it's found it's modern form in the US. When it's now imported back to Europe it's seeds might once have come from A PART OF Europe - but it's not in any way native to the rest of Europe.
That's why you see some people all over Europe arguing against the including of this - to their culture - foreign tradition.

Not even Ireland - where the roots of the tradition came from - get's the exact same tradition back as it's been Americanized.
Some my like that, some don't - but it's clearly a fact that the modern Halloween tradition now being imported into Europe from the US is an American tradition.

You might not object to this foreign cultural import, but it still is a foreign cultural import - especially to everywhere else but Ireland, but also there to a slightly lesser extent.

Now tell me what "middle eastern/northern african" tradition has been taken up as widely over Europe as Halloween has?

So no - it's clearly the case that US cultural influence is much larger then any other cultural influence in Europe today.

And as I said - you might not disapprove of that fact, but it's still a fact.

Your other arguments are about lacking integration and economical inequality - two important questions, but they've got nothing to do with the fear that immigrant culture will swamp out your native one.

Poor people buy cheap food yes, but the solution to that is not to ban or restrict the availability of certain types of food - it's to increase poor peoples wealth, thus giving them more options.