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Halloween appropriation 8 10, 10:19pm


You've never made those accusations before so I've never had any reason to demand a source for them.
If you had I would have done so at the time.

So no, this is more a question of you thinking you can get away with spreading lies since any such discussion took place so far back you think I won't remember what I've said.

But I know my opinions and I know I don't express myself the way you claimed.

There's also a large part of assumption to your claim as "defending Cuba" could mean anything.

In your mind saying the US supported Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba was illegal might count as "defending Cuba" for all we know. But that doesn't make the fact that the invasion was illegal any less of a fact.

But we'll see what you dig up, if you ever get around to doing the work.

My guess is you won't as you're chronically lazy and almost never source any of your claims.