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Halloween appropriation 8 10, 10:27pm

i agree theres no such thing as a singular european culture, but european countrys do all have very similar cultures because of being so close together and having so much shared history(conquering, trading, etc) theres also no singular middle eastern culture, but since middle eastern culture is a good bit different from western/european culture its easy to group those 2 together

i dont see a problem with a culture modernizing its own traditions, we in the west have done this with most of our christian holidays, we remove the unpleasant parts and keep the pleasant ones.

as to your question:
Now tell me what "middle eastern/northern african" tradition has been taken up as widely over Europe as Halloween has?

i cant speak for europe, but i can speak where i live, and here theres a high % muslim population, in the town where i live alot more people celebrate ramadan than people celebrate halloween. i live in one of the poorer neighberhoods in this town and have never seen trick or treaters in any of the streets around here

so at least for my personal experience ramadan is more celebrated than halloween