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Halloween appropriation 8 10, 11:42pm


I basically never bring up politics here on my own - I just comment on it when other people do.
Very often that is you, who spend you time here (as I guess everywhere online) spreading the same racist views no matter the subject.
In this case being Halloween - but you still have to hate against immigrants. Because that's what you do.

Of course you don't provide any sources for your claims about immigrants - it's just all the kind of worthless talking points you pick up on hate sites online.

The facts are instead that the number of asylum seekers to Sweden has been reduced drastically since the major refugee wave that came during the autumn of 2015.
Sweden went from being the most generous recipient nation in Europe, to tightening it's rules to the minimum level in the EU.
This was decided by all political parties in unison - except the racists SD - because Swedish authorities for the first time said they simply couldn't cope with the high inflow of asylum seekers.

Here's a graph of that:

Notice the different colors for different years and also the total for each year (or in the case of this year the correct number up until last week).
So contrary to what you claim, the number of asylum seekers have gone down DRASTICALLY.

Also no asylum seekers has ever been allowed to stay in Sweden based on them seeking wealth. You and other racists constantly make that claim - but it's a simple fact that poverty isn't a cause for asylum.
Basically all asylum seekers come from poorer countries then Sweden - but that's not ever why anyone get to stay.
They all have to show more pressing reasons then that to be granted asylum.

The most recent year the Swedish statistical office has published a report on I can find is 2015, in which the most common countries of origin for immigrants to Sweden was:

1. Syria - 30,590 persons
2. Sweden - 14,580 persons
3. Eritrea - 6,838 persons

Now notice the difference between asylum seekers and actual immigrants - far from everyone seeking asylum is of course granted it.
Also notice that the second largest immigrant group to Sweden are returning Swedes. This is because Swedish statistics correctly notes Swedes that have once emigrated as immigrants once they move back to Sweden.

But racist of course have no clue about these facts, and instead regularly uses the number for asylum seekers when they talk about immigrants, and when they do use the correct immigration number, they pretend that every immigrant is from the Middle East or Africa since those are the people they hate.

Also notice the sharp drop-of in numbers from 1st to 3rd in that list. It's really only war-torn Syria that accounts for a very large amount of immigrants.
Eritreas number is the result of a highly repressive regime and it's mistreatment of it's people - poverty isn't as it's never been a reason to be granted asylum in Sweden.

The list then goes on with Poland and several other European and western nations - all people from which not even our racists SD party has a problem (at least officially).


Regarding the last bit of nonsense:

Swedes will always be the majority population of Sweden - only racists that don't accept second generation immigrants as Swedes believe otherwise.
Like our racists SD party who don't accept the footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic as Swedish just because his parents came from the Balkans, for example.

And regarding this bit of smearing, trying to portray me as an out-of-tuch elitist not experiencing the effects of immigration myself:

"Though of course, that doesn't concern you. "

You know nothing about me - but I'll happily tell you I spent 15 years living in one of those areas you racists falsely call "no go zones", and I never had any problems there what so ever.

I moved 2 years ago but I still have friends living there, including an old Finnish guy I work with and he and his wife is perfectly happy there. Their apartment is being converted from a rented flat into a condominium later this year and they're buying it and are staying on.

So don't judge others by your own racist beliefs - OK?