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Halloween appropriation 9 10, 12:43am

"The facts are instead that the number of asylum seekers to Sweden has been reduced drastically since the major refugee wave that came during the autumn of 2015."

Looks like it's stabling to the level of 20k a year to Sweden, which is quite a lot. Just because something decreased dRaStIcAlLy from a peak year doesn't mean it isn't a lot anymore. And that is only counting the asylum aplicants, the total amount of immigrants to Sweden in 2016 was 148 000, if we exclude those born in Sweden moving back. Wikipedia | Statistiska centralbyrån (link in wiki article but i assume not everyone can view the file, thus screenshot)
According to wikipedia there are currently around 400 000 immigrants from "Western Asia", in Sweden. Western Asia is essentially the same as middle east minus Egypt. From Africa there are around 200 000. And this will increase as even your own sources showcase, so thanks for proving my point actually.

There are also 300 000 immigrants to Sweden from Northern Europe, which is also massive, but culturally near insignificant as we share mostly the same culture to begin with.

"Swedes will always be the majority population of Sweden "
Sweden has gone from 95% Swedish to only 77% Swedish within half a century. Such a drastic change in such a small time and you deny the possibility that this might change further? In fact it absolutely will continue on the same path since in younger age groups the amount of immigrants is much higher. That, and there is still no visible end to mass immigration. Good luck living in denial though, as you always have.

"So don't judge other by your own racist beliefs - OK? "
Coming from someone who keeps judging people here and screeching how racist I am in your opinion. Oh, or is it okay to judge people if the one who is judging has the same beliefs as you?

At least my beliefs are based on fact. ^)

PPS: My original message, which was about food culture, was a relevant reply to another message about culture.