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The GDP of London is significantly larger than that of sever 9 10, 1:44am

@Nisse_Hult Crisis equals opportunity, how'd you think we got the office of Prime Minister? Delegation of power, NO! Robert Walpole exploited the collapse of the South Sea Exchange bubble to build a reputation for himself! Besides we spent FAR too long benefiting the fruits of democracy, sadly it only works if you, as a citizen, are invested into the system and too many idiots are more concerned with swallowing Pizza and masturbating to some celebrity... And the Financial systems are so complex it only works to benefit a handful of people.

We, as a society and species need a good, hard, solid slap to make us realise that it is the 21st century almost 100 years ago we had the Great War to be that bitch slap, perhaps our systems crashing down around us will be this centuary's catastrophe... but oh well!