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Halloween appropriation 9 10, 2:28am


"Looks like it's stabling to the level of 20k a year to Sweden, which is quite a lot. Just because something decreased dRaStIcAlLy from a peak year doesn't mean it isn't a lot anymore."

Of course it's a lot - there are more refugees in the world today then at any time since WWII. Not strange then that some of them end up seeking asylum in Sweden.
But contrary to racist beliefs, the fact that people seek asylum isn't actually anything any constitutional state can do much about as the right to seek asylum is regulated by international law.
What a nation can do something about is deciding which of those that seek are then granted asylum.

"And that is only counting the asylum aplicants, the total amount of immigrants to Sweden in 2016 was 148 000, if we exclude those born in Sweden moving back."

Yes, that's a natural consequence of the fact that the number of asylum seekers in 2015 was many times higher then it has ever been in Swedish history.
Which is why, as I said, Sweden have since restricted it's regulations - leading to a much smaller number of asylum seekers since.
Meaning that the numbers of immigrants coming as asylum seekers will decline over time.

The same thing happened in the 90's during the wars in the Balkans - first the numbers of asylum seekers rose, then the number of immigrants followed at a lower rate as those that where granted asylum had their cases processed.

"According to wikipedia there are currently around 400 000 immigrants from "Western Asia", in Sweden. Western Asia is essentially the same as middle east minus Egypt. From Africa there are around 200 000. And this will increase as even your own sources showcase, so thanks for proving my point actually."

Actually the facts don't prove your point at all and I have no problem with facts.
The problem is your interpretation of the facts, where you as a racist assumes a larger number of immigrants from certain areas of the world is bad.
But that just "proof" in your mind - because you're racist.
Just like the Nazis made lists of Jews, homosexuals and mentally disabled and thought that it proved their point - because they thought those people didn't deserve to be called Germans and insted should be murdered.

"Sweden has gone from 95% Swedish to only 77% Swedish within half a century. Such a drastic change in such a small time and you deny the possibility that this might change further? In fact it absolutely will continue on the same path since in younger age groups the amount of immigrants is much higher. That, and there is still no visible end to mass immigration. Good luck living in denial though, as you always have."

No, it hasn't. What you're doing here is you're taking the figure for all inhabitants being born abroad or having at least one parent born abroad and redefining them as non-Swedish.
This is just straight up racism - nothing else.

The stupidity of this argument is shown by the fact that Sweden's current crown princess and future queen is among those you just defined as non-Swedish, as her mother - our current queen - is an immigrant to Sweden.

But you've also already discounted the 300,000 immigrants from Northern Europe as not really immigrants in your own view, as they "share mostly the same culture to begin with".

If you to those 300,000 added all Swedes with at least one parent from that group you of course get a much larger number - meaning that the actual number of what you as a racist actually sees as non-Swedes are in fact far lower then the 23% number from the statistical office.

And finally, of course, even if the number YOU see as non-Swedes are lower, none of those people actually ARE non-Swedes in reality.
You just judge them to be non-Swedish because you're a racist.

Just like our racist SD-party does when it for instance doesn't view Zlatan Ibrahimovic as a Swede - despite him being born in this country.

"Coming from someone who keeps judging people here and screeching how racist I am in your opinion. Oh, or is it okay to judge people if the one who is judging has the same beliefs as you?
At least my beliefs are based on fact."

It's not my opinion - you've made it abundantly clear you are a racist from the way you interpret the world. No non-racist looks at statistical data like this and decides that a large percentage of the Swedish population isn't actually Swedish at all, simply based on their place of birth or their parents place of birth.
That's the very definition of racism!
So no - your beliefs are clearly NOT based on facts - as you've just shown.

"My original message, which was about food culture, was a relevant reply to another message about culture."

No it wasn't. You wrote:

"If protecting cultures is a good thing, clearly European countries should deport a significant majority of their middle eastern migrants to protect European cultures."

That's not defined only to food culture and you're spreading the complete lie that European cultures is somehow under threat from immigrants from the Middle East.
That was completely irrelevant and only added because that's how YOU, in YOUR racist mind, view the world.