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Halloween appropriation 9 10, 2:51am

@Nisse_Hult As I'm still very new here compared to you, I can't speak for what Finn has written in the past. But I like him. The way I see it, he's a nice guy who loves his country. I wouldn't consider his comment racist at all. Maybe he didn't say it in the most pleasant way, but I still don't think it qualifies as racist.

And before we continue, may I just say that, it's obvious that you two have argued in the past, and that is probably also why I see more name calling between you in this conversation, than necessary.

My point is, let's not insult each other. That doesn't help the conversation at all.

"Finland - or Sweden for that matter - isn't actually changing with "Middle eastern and African influence" like you claim"
Clearly a misunderstanding. Although I do think that many European countries are changing all the time as more and more immigrants come here, this particular question I made was more about me wondering why anyone would want to change Finland.

"It's never ever a case that a minority culture can FORCE anything on a majority culture"

Actually they can. If they don't get it their way, we can be branded racists, which is a big deal in many parts of this country.

Or in Germany. It's a very big deal for them if they are accused of being nazis. The immigrants can easily take advantage of guilt in order to blackmail their way to victory.
Now, in reality, they haven't gone that far. But people who openly criticize muslims are still at risk of being branded racists. And if the accused person is unfortunate, his property may be vandalized or he'll get personally attacked, if others find out where he lives.

Of course female genital mutilation will never be accepted by us. But I still don't want to bring people with misogynistic and homophobic mindsets over here to the civilized world. Because if we become a minority in our own land, then it will be easy for them to apply any law that they want, to our countries. And Islam is filled with women hating and homophobic views, which is why countries that are ruled by Islamic rules, like Saudi Arabia, have some of the worst rights for homosexuals and women, in the world. Now, this doesn't mean that all muslims in the world are evil in any way, but the ideology of Islam itself is pretty bad. And the majority of muslims are definitely severely influenced by this ideology, which corrupts their view on the world.

I don't know much about the yugoslavians and I don't care much for food, as long as it tastes good and is healthy enough.

And no. From my personal experience, immigrants rarely become like us, unless they're from neighboring countries. They walk around in gangs, they piss on churches (my grandma witnessed that), they don't like our country and are not glad to be a part of it, they often say things like "I'll fuck your mom/sister" to other people, I've heard several times how much they hate gay people (this includes Russians and southeastern Europeans). Whenever I've interrupted their poisonous behavior, they get really pissed off. One time, two of them wouldn't stop throwing things at my pal and I, until we walked up to them and threatened to beat them up. We tried to reason with them numerous times before that. They have no respect for our traditions either. A Muslim immigrant also told my little sister, that she was going to burn in hell because she didn't believe in God.

Several years ago, one immigrant kept bullying me and my friends. And then I arm wrestled him, and I won. But his response was of course to bring his 6 friends, because he's a fucking coward that can't do anything unless he severely outnumbers his foe.

Oh, and the time when my aunt was together with a muslim. This happened before I was born so I can only speak from my grandmothers perspective.

My grandma once saw that my aunt had a black eye. She asked why. My aunt didn't answer. As my grandma saw more and more bruises, each time she met her daughter, she finally decided to get away from my aunts boyfriend. My aunt was being abused by him, as my grandma went over to their house.
He didn't want to confront my grandma, so he ran out of the house before she opened the door. My grandma burned his passport and then they moved out of the place as fast as they could, in order to later travel to a part of Sweden that is far away from where they used to live.

As I said. This is just from my personal experience. Maybe you've been more lucky.

For your information, I don't think that SD is racist. One thing that I don't like about what they've done in recent times though, is that they want to limit the time woman are allowed to abort a baby.
That sounds like taking away a tiny bit of women's rights. Which obviously is wrong.

That food doesn't look bad, but I prefer eating vegetarian though.