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Halloween appropriation 9 10, 4:20am

@Nisse_Hult Wait people still do cornrows? I don't think I've seen anyone in cornrows in years.

Also I think I have only ever seen two white people in cornrows, Weird Al and on a chubby white Texan woman on a tv show as a joke.

Also pretty sure that if a white person went around in cornrows they would not really be getting any positive reactions...........

Not to mention the only white rapper in America that is taken seriously is Eminem who I've seen referred to as an albino sometimes

Furthermore racial issues in the United States are often overblown by the SJW, sensationalists media, or when political agenda comes into play. Your average American does not care about the color of their fellow American, do they notice it? Of course they do just as one would notice the color of hair, height, or number of limbs. At my work people might joke about race such as when I was referred to as "The Dark Lord" or other black people referring to the bosses as "master."

If you want to see actual racism in the US then you could talk to older people or reactionaries fed up by the SJW.