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Halloween appropriation 9 10, 6:01am

@Nisse_Hult Let's see, I could either attack you personally as you attempted to do, or I could counter your arguments?

Eh I choose the latter.

In my experience as an American in Richmond, Virginia (the former capital of the Confederate States of America) I find that there are not a lot of people that are racist and almost all of them are either old people that are from a time when racism was accepted or reactionaries who don't like SJW telling them that they only get where they do as they are privileged. The latter of the two usually only commit the crime when they think they can get away with it where as the former I honestly pity for their inability to adapt to a better time.

Not to offend you, but I don't quite think you understand how large the United States is compared to Sweden, and anytime something happens in the entire country that can possibly grab attention, such as a shooting, bombing, or a celebirty saying something stupid it is told across the entire country. And it is their job to get peoples attention with stuff that outrages people such as a black kid getting shot by a white cop, or funnily enough that one time I remember a black kid got shot by a black cop and it was considered racist.

As for Tronald Dump, you do realize how few people in the United States actually vote and that he still didn't win the popular vote. Or how many protests across the country there were and are against him showing that most American's do not like him or his policies. The only thing I remember him actually getting away with doing was done through an executive order and got shot down almost immediately (there was a comic on this site about it)

Also since you seem to doubt me being of color, I am mixed, my dad was black and my mom was white so I guess it was wrong for me to say that I was black as some people might think that to mean fully African. Also I'm not sure why you wouldn't think I am of color, is it because this site focuses upon European countries? Or are all colored people supposed to be left leaning even though I find myself and many other people of color in the middle taking flak from both sides and laughing at their foolishness.