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Halloween appropriation 9 10, 6:20am


Your personal experience isn't really important when 70% of the entire US population rate race relations as bad and there are countless studies and sources on how bad racism actually is in the US.

Your opinion expressed here sound far more like the wishful thinking of the predominantly white political right, who's never ever been interested in seeing the problem of racism in America.

Which is why I have my doubts about who you actually are frankly.

You might be one of the few exceptions - that's true - but you might also be giving a false portrayal of yourself in the mistaken belief that that strengthens your argument.
But either way - that's really besides the point as the fact that there are systemic racial bias in America is a well established scientific fact.

People have spent their whole life's studying these issues and countless studies and court cases show this is not some "liberal" idea.

Whether you accept that fact or not is up to you, but it remains a fact.