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Halloween appropriation 9 10, 6:35am


Obviously cultures closer to each other are more alike - but as the example with Halloween shows, that doesn't mean that introducing that to Europe is greeted with open arms by everyone.

And nothing like the introduction of an entire cultural celebration has ever even happened from the Middle East, so as I said cultural influence from the US is still far stronger in Europe then any cultural influence from the Middle East.

The fact that you live in a neighborhood where many people are Muslim immigrants that continue to celebrate Ramadan isn't actually an example of cultural influence.

Because non-Muslims aren't suddenly celebrating Ramadan, every store all over your country aren't suddenly filled with stuff to celebrate Ramadan - it's just the case that you happen to live in an area where many immigrants live and they celebrate it.

This is not in any way threatening you country's tradition - no one is forcing you to abolish those.
It's just a case of some citizens choosing to celebrate one thing and other another.
That's nothing strange or threatening at all in a democracy - people get to choose what they celebrate, what Gods they pray to (or none), who they vote for and so on and so forth.